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Premium-Grade Digital Cables and Accessories

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Digihaus offers excellent-quality digital cables and home theatre accessories at the best price possible. This ensures that upgrading your home entertainment experience will be worth it.

Exceptional Quality

Digihaus focuses on offering a selection of digital home theatre products that are designed with the superior quality you need to get exceptional home theatre audio and video.


When it comes to your home theatre setup, Digihaus leads the way in promoting safety at all costs. Digihaus ensures that this is always its priority by using durable and premium-grade materials.

“Digihaus is keen on providing you with high-quality products at the best price and aims to exceed your delivery expectations.

We are a 100% Australian group that equips homes with the best in-wall speaker cables, HDMI cables, and multi-purpose RCA cables intended for exceptional audio and video quality.”

Digihaus products work behind the scenes to achieve exceptional home theatre audio and video quality, with only the best in-wall speaker cables, HDMI cables, multi-purpose RCA cables, and wall plates. Digihaus makes your home theatre system safe and tangle-free, further enhancing your home theatre entertainment value.


Leave your worries behind about the clutter made by the wirings of your speaker systems with Digihaus in-wall and in-ceiling speaker cables - fully fire-rated, stronger coating, and 100% oxygen-free copper give you the best performance.


Digihaus high-speed HDMI cables are the solution to your home theatre needs without sacrificing safety and aesthetics. These rated cables come with outer jackets that follow building standards to ensure that they do not risk getting damaged when running through walls.


High-performance RCA cables give you superb audio and video quality - with corrosion-resistant 24K gold plating, flawless signals even at long distances, and designed to resist electrical interference.


Keep your cables neatly concealed using professional wall plates, so you don’t end up with a tangled nest of cables. Digihaus wall plates are designed for simple installation and a single setup to consolidate all speaker connections.

Which Digihaus accessory do you need for your home?

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