hansdorf door and cabinet handleshansdorf door and cabinet handles

     Contemporary Door Hardware


Pick from a wide product range, all of which are constructed to handle heavy usage in main passage doors of contemporary homes.

Superior Stainless Steel

Hansdorf gives emphasis to using high-grade materials, clean finishes, and architectural design, such as are in superior stainless steel door handles, cabinet handles, door stoppers, aluminium spigots, and the rest of the high quality door hardware and outdoor fixtures in its product range.

Perfect your home with Hansdorf door furniture


Hansdorf's commitment is to help Australian households in upgrading to door furniture that are stylish, highly functional, and with your home and family's security and safety in mind, through the its line of products.


Our architectural level lever handles are all solid brushed real stainless steel, rather than hollow alloy handles coated with a "stainless steel finish". The result is a much more durable, sturdy feeling handle.


Stainless steel entrance door pull handles thicker than lightweight handles and suitable for glass or timber doors.


All our door stoppers are solid 304 stainless steel as it is much harder than brass and will not rust or lose its coating like other metals can.


These Hansdörf™ cabinet handles are made from solid brushed 304 stainless steel that guarantees durability even when used frequently over a long period of time.

Which Hansdorf furniture is right for you?

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