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The Heuger Wardrobe System features the best ball bearing steel runners, and supports making it built to last.


Heuger utilises a smart expandable frame to fit a variety of wardrobe widths.


Heuger's innovative approach is embodied in its products, using high-grade components such as superior ball bearing runners and durable frames.

"Heuger uses innovative strategies and smart features to make durable wardrobe storage solutions that will last."

Heuger is a leader in wardrobe storage solutions that are intelligently designed for efficiency. Heuger is an expert in giving special attention to detail, in order to provide a balance of sophistication and efficiency in every wardrobe storage product. Heuger clothes storage systems and organisers are modern luxuries, equipped with the best quality ball bearing steel runners and supports that are built to last. Heuger is an innovator in elevating wardrobe storage systems to the next level.


Hang your trousers the smart way so you save space and gain easy access to your clothes.


Whether you have a large or compact wardrobe area, Heuger provides wardrobe baskets that are designed for your every need.


The rack slides completely out to give you easy access to your tie collection - simply slide out its high quality ball bearing runners to access your ties, then slide it back in to store them away again.


Shop a shoe shelf for inside your cabinet - in white or chocolate colour. Each shoe rack has two rows and will fit up to 8 pairs of footwear.

Which Heuger Storage is right for your wardrobe?

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