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Green Energy LED Lights

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The Green Choice

Limelight specialises in LED lighting that is more energy-efficient than traditional light bulbs. Limelight is committed to providing stylish LED lights to homes across Australia as the “new green” in LED lighting.

Quality Designed for Safety

LED lights have a very low operating temperature and so they decrease the heat in your home that is caused by lighting. Switching to Limelight LED lighting products also lowers your electricity bill compared to halogen and incandescent bulbs.

Superior Quality

High-quality LED lights have a longer lifespan and provide better quality lighting and colour than traditional lighting. Limelight LED lights are aimed at being totally safe, energy-efficient, and environment friendly.

“ Limelight is focused on green energy LED lights for Australia and delivers an environment-friendly way of stylishly making your home and mother Earth a better place to live in.”

Energy Efficient LED Lighting Experts

LIMELIGHT illuminates homes across Australia and New Zealand with premium quality LED lights that are more energy efficient and help sustain the environment. The LIMELIGHT brand has been at the forefront of providing high quality LED downlights, wall lights, LED globes, and outdoor lights that result in energy and electricity savings.

LIMELIGHT products are the greener lighting solution that is totally safe and styled for modern homes.


Limelight interior LED Lighting products are perfect for general lighting and instanly add style to your home. Pendant lights, wall lights, and downlight kits are made of durable materials and will suit all your illumination needs.


Outdoor lighting will highlight the beauty of your garden landscapes and outdoor areas at night. Designed for safety and under Australian weather conditions, Limelight offers high-quality wall lights, inground lights, bollard lights, and garden spike lights.


LED globes are made to fit standard the shape and size of traditional globes and use much less energy compared to halogens and incandescents. Choose vintage-look globes if you want the period vibe, or stick with standard LED globes for a more modern look.


When doing your lighting renovations, make sure you use safe and easy-to-fit accessories - high-impact power sockets, low-voltage transformers and drivers, and outdoor lighting accessories that are approved to IP standards.

Which LIMELIGHT product is right for you?

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