Bringing Nature to Your Home

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Moku basins and floorboards are carefully handcrafted from natural materials, adding a unique piece of art right inside your home.


Influenced by the peaceful "Edo Period" in Japan when arts and philosophy prevailed, Moku combines today's best natural products and modern designs with the perfected arts of the Edo Period.

Built to last

Moku's range of natural bathroom and flooring products utilise the best materials from nature to make durable fixtures that are designed to last a lifetime.

Utilising the best natural materials to make durable fixtures designed to last a lifetime.

Bringing Nature into Your Home


MOKU is a supplier of hand-crafted bathroom basins from the best natural stone and wood finishes. MOKU brings nature’s relaxing vibe into your home, with basins made from bamboo, oak, and stone, and engineered oak floorboards. Influenced by the peaceful Edo Period in Japan when arts and philosophy prevailed, MOKU transforms high-quality materials from nature into modern products that exude calm leisure.


Bring instant calm and relaxation to your bathroom with Moku natural basins that are made to last a lifetime. Moku's natural Japanese-styled bathroom basins are handcrafted by painstakingly carving, sanding, and shaping to achieve a modern smooth finish.



Engineered Oak Hardwood Floorboards are the most sought-after timber flooring by architects and discerning homeowners as they are stronger and wider than normal floorboads. Moku engineered oak floorboards are made from the highest grade European oak, easy to install, and engineered to last.

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