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Sanitary Grade Stainless Steel Sink and Tapware

stainless steel kitchen sinkstainless steel kitchen sink


Swedia has partnered with a combination of specialist European manufacturers and premium quality factories to produce bold designs that combine clean simplicity, beauty and functionality.

High Precision

Swedia premium kitchen products are hand-fabricated to achieve perfection and undergoes intense checking to ensure high precision, durability, and supreme quality.


All Swedia products are constructed with sanitary grade lead (Pb) free stainless steel, manufactured specifically to meet the strict Australianand New Zealand requirements and standards.

 Precision Engineers of Stainless Steel Tapware & Sinks

SWEDIA is a specialist in stainless steel designer tapware and professional-grade kitchen sinks. SWEDIA takes extra care in precision designing kitchen mixers and sinks, ensuring premium sanitary products that meet strict Australian standards. SWEDIA products are popular for their bold geometric designs and are highly sought after by architects for luxury homes.


Enjoy the benefits of pure stainless steel and preserve your water hygiene and taste with Swedia Stainless Steel Tapwares. Perfectly smooth internal surfaces to keep your water clean and lead-free.


Swedia Stainless Steel Sinks are of upmost quality and precision.
Hand-fabricated, durable, and practical, it even has under-side premium baffle pads to deaden sounds.


Swedia Sink Accessories are made from premium grade stainless steel, ensuring durability. Perfect, functional, and built to last.


SWEDIA has partnered with Puretec Water Filtration experts to offer professional water filtration systems to pair with Swedia tapware. Coming the highest grade sanitary lead free stainless steel with a puretec undersink filter for unparalleled standards in safe drinking water right in the comfort of your home.

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