Kitchen Storage Organisers

Organised kitchen storage spaces save a ton of time on meal preparations and other daily chores. Forget digging through cluttered drawers and kitchen cupboards. ELITE and HIGOLD have you covered with clever storage solutions that are easy to install and suitable even to the darkest corners in your kitchen!

  • For tall cabinets - Kitchen pantry units are multi-level space optimisers that let you access food, jars, condiments, and pantry items with a simple pull-out.
  • For underbench / undercounter - Maximise your cupboards with our range of slide out baskets, corner storage, rubbish bins, and drawer organisers that fit into most standard Australian cabinets.
  • For overhead spaces - Pull down baskets make full use of your upper cabinets and provide convenient access to get kitchen items stored in higher wall cabinets.
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