Vanguard Design Group Comprehensive Warranty

Vanguard Design Group is a specialist brand member of the Vanguard Design Group Pty Ltd, A.C.N.104 411 314 (we, us, our, Vanguard or Vanguard Design Group). Purchasing a new Vanguard Design Group product comes with this comprehensive warranty. Vanguard Design Group can also supply some replacement parts for maintenance requirements.

Important: Floorboard and associated products are covered by a separate warranty from the supplier of these products.  See the full warranty here.



  • You carefully inspect your new product(s) on receipt and before installation for any visible issues, 

  • Ensure the product(s) is stored carefully in its original packaging until installation,

  • For plumbing fixtures, ensure it is installed by a licensed plumber as this is a condition of its warranty,

  • For tapware, ensure the installing plumber flushes the water lines clean before installation so the mixer cartridge is not damaged by any debris in the water supply (as damage is not covered by its warranty). If your product requires maintenance or servicing please contact your plumber (preferably the installing plumber).  Most problems are caused by high pressure (500+ kPa) or contaminated water supply (such as foreign materials in the water lines).  Vanguard can supply replacement spare parts if the plumber requires them to service the tapware product. 

  • For mains-wired electrical products, ensure it is installed by a licensed electrician as this is a condition of its warranty. 

  • For Floorboard and associated products that you follow the preparation, installation, and care guidelines on this Website

  • That you follow the product's care instructions closely and contact Vanguard customer service if you have any maintenance or care enquiries or concerns. 


Please read this Warranty Policy (the Warranty or Warranty Policy) carefully to ensure that the purchaser (you or the Purchaser) is fully aware of their rights and obligations when seeking to claim under a warranty or receive a refund or replacement for products purchased (Products).  By completing and submitting an order to purchase Products from us, you agree to be bound by these Warranty Policy terms which is an agreement between Vanguard and you.  Any variation of the Warranty Policy must be in writing and signed by an authorised representative of Vanguard.

We reserve the right to amend the Warranty Policy at any time.


This warranty applies only to domestic residential installation. Under this Warranty, for the relevant period stated for the product from the date of original purchase, if the Product or its part is found upon inspection by a Vanguard authorised representative to be defective in construction, materials, composition or assembly it will be repaired or exchanged with the same or an equivalent product or part at no charge to the Purchaser. 


  • SWEDIA Tapware - 15 years for body of faucet, 4 years for cartridge, 12 months for other replaceable parts
  • SWEDIA Sinkware - Lifetime for sink body, 12 months for other replaceable parts
  • AGUZZO Tapware - 5 years for body of faucet, 3 years for cartridge, 12 months for other replaceable parts
  • AGUZZO Standard Sinkware - 5 years for sink body, 12 months for other replaceable parts
  • AGUZZO Premio Sinkware - Lifetime for sink body, 12 months for other replaceable parts
  • AGUZZO Bathware - 5 years for manufacturing faults
  • VALE Tapware - 5 years for body of faucet, 3 years for cartridge, 12 months for other replaceable parts
  • VALE Bathware - 5 years for manufacturing faults
  • MOKU Basins - 5 years for manufacturing faults
  • MOKU Floorboards - Lifetime Structural.  20 Year limited surface.  See the full warranty here
  • ELITE Kitchen Storage -  5 years for manufacturing faults
  • HEUGER Wardrobe Storage - 5 years for manufacturing faults
  • HANSDORF Door Hardware - 5 years for manufacturing faults
  • LIMELIGHT Led Lighting - 3 years for manufacturing faults
  • DIGIHAUS Home Theatre - 5 years on in-wall cables, 10 years on in-wall fire rated cables
  • DRAINTEK stainless steel drains - All DrainTek linear channels and grates come with a Lifetime Guarantee against manufacturing defects
  • HIGOLD Hardware storage products come with a 5-year warranty.
  • HIGOLD Hardware sinks come with a lifetime warranty, while the accessories have a 1-year warranty

All other Vanguard products come with a 12-month warranty.



This warranty applies to all installations other than for domestic residential purposes (Commercial Warranty).    Under this warranty for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase if the Product is found by a Vanguard authorised representative to present manufacturing faults or defects in the body or spare parts of the Product then it will be repaired or replaced at no charge to the Purchaser.


The Warranty will apply only if all the following conditions are satisfied:

  • For installed tapware, evidence provided that they were fully installed by a qualified and licensed plumber, the water supply lines were flushed clean prior to installation, and isolating stop cocks and pressure limiting valves are installed to ensure the pressure is between 7.5psi and 75psi.
  • For installed mains-wired electrical products, evidence provided that they were fully installed by a qualified and licensed elecrtician, and that the installation was done in accordance with the product's installation instructions.
  • The failure is due to a fault in the manufacture of the product
  • Proof of purchase and the date of purchase is provided.
  • The claimant is the original purchaser of the Product.
  • The installation and handling of the product is done with due care and in accordance with the instructions provided and available on the Vanguard Design Group website.
  • The claimed defect is reported by the Purchaser to Vanguard Design Group or Vanguard within 5 business days of discovering the defect.

Any replaced items become Vanguard's property.



The Warranty does not cover:

  • Faults, damage or loss caused by:
    • For tapware, impurities in the water supply and pipes (your installation plumber should flush water lines before installation),
    • For tapware, freezing or water temperature above 65 degrees Centigrade,
    • For tapware, water pressure above 75psi or below 7.5psi (your installation plumber should ensure pressure to the Product is within these limits),
    • Normal wear and tear, including of surfaces, and components such as sealing rings, non-return valves and membranes in tapware,
    • Changes to Product finishes such as wear-and-tear, scratches, stains, chips, dents, damage, gloss reduction, and other consequences of use,
    • Misuse, improper or abnormal use or application,
    • Failure to follow correct installation, normal operating, or proper care instructions for the Product,
    • Inadequate maintenance,
    • Chemical, abrasive, or electrical influences,
    • Installation in part or whole by a person who is not a qualified and licensed installer,
    • Installation in a facility or in a situation that is not fully compliant with Australian standards,
    • Installation that has not complied with Australian standards,
    • Repairs or tampering by unauthorised technicians,
    • The use of non-original spare parts,
    • Any modification to the Product,
    • Any damage, such as normal wear-and-tear, due to an accident, poor storage, dampness, liquid, fire, misuse, vandalism, or a corrosive environment,
  • The following issues, services and items:

    • Any slight imperfections in the finishes (such as brushed stainless steel brush marks) that should not be considered as faults but a typical characteristic of these crafted products,
    • Product assembly or disassembly charges, visits and calls of inspectors or specialised technicians, or product installation or extraction/removal where these services/items have not been agreed by Vanguard,
    • Costs borne by the customer due to the unavailability or non-use of the Product
    • Any other costs or loss of revenue due to the unavailability, inoperability or performance of the Product.



In order to make a warranty claim you must notify Vanguard within 5 business days after your discovery of the defect.  In the event that you believe that you are entitled to make a claim under the Warranty for a Product, you must contact us via the contact details below. For warranty claims we will provide you with an online form to complete which will include the following required information:

  • Your full name and address;

  • The original order number;

  • The detailed reason for claiming under the Warranty; and

  • Any photos to support your claim.

In considering your entitlement to a repair, replacement or refund under a Warranty claim, we may require you to provide us with evidence to support your claim, including photographs. We may also require you to return the Product to us for inspection, deliver the Product to our nominated inspection centre or allow one of our representatives to inspect the Product.

To proceed with a claim under this  Warranty you will need to comply with directions of Vanguard staff in relation to assessing or troubleshooting any problem, or facilitating any repair or replacement under this Warranty Policy.  If we authorise a warranty claim you will be notified by email (Email Authorisation).  Vanguard reserves the right to replace or repair a Product or the defective component of the Product.


You may be asked to return the Product or its defective component to a repair or distribution centre nominated by Vanguard.  Please follow the instructions of Vanguard in regards to packing and sending the Product to ensure the claim process is not delayed.  As items will remain you property whilst in transit we recommend you ensure there is shipping tracking available and there is appropriate transit insurance in place.


If Vanguard determines not to repair or replace the Product, at its election, will either provide you with a credit to spend on the Vanguard Design Group website or provide you with a refund of the purchase price of the Product including any GST.  Where possible, refunds will be executed through a reversal of the initial customer transaction, including the reversal of any store or promotion credits utilised in the order at our complete discretion. The customer will be provided with e-mail acknowledgement once the refund is paid. Vanguard accepts no responsibility for any delays in receipt of the refund due to payment gateway or financial institution processes.


Vanguard goods come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and to a compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage. You are also entitled to have the goods repaired or replaced if the goods fail to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure.


To the maximum extent permitted by law and subject to your rights under the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth) and similar legislation, you agree that we will not otherwise be liable to you in respect of any direct, special, incidental, indirect or consequential damages arising in connection with a Product. This clause will not be construed as excluding, qualifying or limiting your statutory rights or remedies where such exclusion, qualification or limitation would be prohibited by legislation.


If you have any questions regarding this Warranty Policy, please email us using the contact details in the footer below.


Warranty Policy last updated on 1 July 2017.